a meditative and contemplative journey to wholeness

Buddhism has always stated that humans are plagued by a pervasive sense of lacking or discontent.


While this has always been the case, our modern world has only served to intensify this reality.


Buddhism is very much a set of techniques and practices to deconstruct and overcome this sense of incompleteness and arrive at an inner wholeness.


But given the cultural landscape we’re living in, I don’t think the traditional Buddhist practices are enough.  Or they’re at least not quite properly calibrated to address the challenges and pressures of modern life.


My goal with this course is to put together what I feel are the most direct and effective practices to reveal a sense of inner wholeness.


One thing I love about Buddhism is it states that our nature is inherently good.  That at our core, humans have a basic goodness that gets obscured through the challenges of our lives and the nature of our judgmental and comparing mind.


We don’t need to cultivate a sense of inner wholeness, instead we only need to deconstruct all the body-mind patterns and habits that get in the way.


While that is fundamentally my approach, I still think there are certain qualities of being we can and should cultivate on this journey, that will aid in the unraveling of ignorance and inadequacy, and help us to realize our luminous wholeness.


Themes covered in this course will be:

-Deconstructing and rebuilding our self-image

-Exploring adopted or conditioned values vs true values

-Overcoming our judgmental mind

-Meditation and mindfulness practices for liberation

-Healthy validation vs unhealthy validation

-Staying true to ourselves

-Pragmatic strategies for staying on track / in alignment

-Overcoming shame

-Authentic expression

-Cultivating compassion and self-compassion

-Overcoming barriers to compassion and self-compassion



This course will be a mix of meditation, mindfulness, contemplation, sharing, and journaling.


It will be set up in a way that you can choose how much time and energy you want to devote to these practices outside of sessions, and will be supported to meet these goals.


Limited to 10 participants to keep it intimate.


6 sessions (one per week).  Each session will be 2 hours.  Aiming to start in June.  Likely Tuesday afternoons and will try my best to accommodate the schedules of those attending.


I’m also going to make a WhatsApp group chat so everyone in the course can stay in touch throughout the process, where I can address questions and we can all stay motivated to keep practicing.


The cost will be $270 USD, or $330 CAD.


If interested email me at jude@beingintegrated.net and tell me a bit about yourself (just a few sentences) and we can go from there.