Body + Mind (March 8th | 7-9PM ET)

Our thoughts influence our feelings, and our feelings influence our thoughts.  We are all caught in this vicious cycle of reactivity, deepening our neuroses, fixations and judgments.  Here we will learn practices to disrupt these patterns, leading to more inner freedom and a greater sense of wellbeing.


Soul + Spirit (March 15th | 7-9PM ET)

Our sense of who we are largely develops by internalizing aspects of our environment and culture.  This helps us connect with others and feel a sense of belonging in social groups.  But at some point this identity becomes too limiting, and we must shed layers of ourselves to make way for a more authentic and unique expression of ourselves.  This session explores how connecting with spirit helps to free us from a limited identity, giving way to a more authentic and creative sense of self and expression.

Facilitator Bio

Jude Star is a therapist and meditation teacher.  He became interested in these topics as a teen and has studied with various meditation teachers (Tibetan Buddhism, Zen, Vipassana) and psychotherapists (psychodynamic, Gestalt, depth/Jungian, somatic, transpersonal, integrative) for the past two decades.
He has written guided meditations for popular apps Calm and Open, and also guided practices for the two largest psychedelic psychotherapy providers, Field Trip and Mindbloom.
His passion is in helping people by making complex topics pragmatic and relatable.  He also has a lot of experience in helping people focus and overcome distractibility, informed by his own experience of overcoming his ADHD symptoms through personal practice and exploration.
He shares insights and practices on his YouTube channel and has also created a Meditation for ADHD Course.  More information is available on his website and LinkedIn.