This group is intended for those committed to their growth and who want to live a meaningful life.  Themes will be around self-development, self-discovery, mindfulness, relationships, life transitions, values, and purpose.  

Jude is currently an intern psychotherapist in an Existential-Integrative Psychotherapy program at The Living Institute.  He’s also studied at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto and the Transpersonal Therapy Centre, as well as with meditation teachers from various traditions (Vipassana, Tibetan Buddhism, and Zen).  

The approach will be integrative, exploring how we each find meaning in life in our own unique ways and how we can uncover, nurture and cultivate a deeper sense of Self.  We will explore our barriers to growth and how we can heal our old wounds. We will examine how we relate to others and the world, how we can cultivate and deepen intimacy and enact appropriate boundaries.

The group will meet weekly and will ask for an initial commitment of 8 sessions, with a possibility of continuing afterwards.  The group will be small, sessions are 2 hours and recommended cost is $50-70/session ($400-560, payable at start or in installments).  The fee can be further lowered for those that still find this price out of reach.

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